Bacon Strip

                         Mojave Desert, California Fly-In Adventure

Halfway between Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada in a remote corner of the Mojave Desert is a place called Bacon Strip Ranch. It's nothing more than a dirt airstrip next to a few cabins, a "bar," and an outhouse surrounded by 100,000 acres of some of the most beautiful and majestic desert land in the Southwest states.

Bacon Strip is one of only a few bush airstrips in southern California and its 3000' dry lake bed makes it an easy fly-in destination for any reasonably skilled pilot.

Our remote location where ordinary cars can't get to makes for ideal use of your airplane.  The nearest paved road is seventeen miles away.  That might not sound like much but that's more than an hour's drive for even some of the hardiest off-road vehicles.

To email us or for more information, pictures, and videos, follow us on FaceBook.

Phone us at (702) 275-9112.  Our snail mail address is:  Bacon Strip, P.O. Box 777623, Henderson, NV  89077-7623.

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